Books by Kay L. Moody

Fae and Crystal Thorns complete series

Fae and Crystal Thorns

1: Flame & Crystal Thorns
2: Shadow & Crystal Thorns
3: Blade & Crystal Thorns
4: Curse & Crystal Thorns
5: Title Coming Soon

Standalone: Nutcracker of Crystalfall

The Fae of Bitter Thorn series by Kay L. Moody

The Fae of Bitter Thorn

1: Court of Bitter Thorn
2: Castle of Bitter Thorn
3: Crown of Bitter Thorn
4: Queen of Bitter Thorn

The Elements of Kamdaria by Kay L. Moody

The Elements of Kamdaria

1: The Elements of the Crown
2: The Elements of the Gate
3: The Elements of the Storm

Truth Seer Trilogy by Kay L. Moody

Truth Seer Trilogy

1: Truth Seer
2: Healer
3: Truth Changer

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