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I want to submit my work. Will I have to pay anything to be published?

Most definitely not! We do not ask you for money, require you to buy books, refer you to a third party for editing, etc. We will only publish your book because we love it and believe in it. We do suggest that you get a good substantive or developmental editor to go through your book before submitting, but this is not a requirement.

Do you offer an advance?

Yes. If your manuscript is selected for publication, we will draw up a contract and make sure you understand it fully and are happy with it before anyone signs anything.

Are your books printed or just eBooks?

All of our books are published in both eBook and print. In many cases an audio book version can be made as well.

Will I have to do my own marketing?

No… and yes. We do a fair amount of marketing for our books and you are not required to market anything. However, it can be extremely mutually beneficial if you do at least minimal marketing efforts.

Readers love to interact with their favorite authors. We can advertise all day long, but we can never be you. You should consider having an author website as well as at least one social media profile for your author brand. We are happy to answer any questions you have about setting up a website, what to post on social media, what to do at a book signing, etc.

How much will I get in royalties? Are they net or gross?

We cannot post exact numbers here, but we can assure that our rates are competitive. We will also do our best to make sure you understand every aspect of your contract before you sign it.

Do I need an agent?

No, but we also happily accept submissions which come through an agent. As long as your manuscript falls under one of the categories we accept, please feel free to submit your query.

Do you accept new or first time authors?

Yes! We love authors of all varieties. If we feel that your story is promising, but your writing needs a lot of work, we may request that you hire an editor and then resubmit your manuscript. We will not refer you to a third party editor and it will be up to you to polish up your work for re-submission. If you have submitted before and were rejected, please don’t hesitate to submit a new query if you have made substantial changes to the manuscript. We love to support new authors and we want you to succeed as much as anyone.