If you want to read FREE, advanced copies of the books we publish, and you can write a review for them, please fill out the form below. If you want to learn more about ARCs and about our process, feel free to scroll down and read more.
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We prefer readers who can leave a review for a book within two weeks (three weeks at the latest). When you join our ARC Team, you do not have to read and review every book, just the ones you say yes to.
We love readers of all types, including those with an online presence AND those without.
This is not a requirement, but we like to keep track of who can and who cannot.
*When you submit this form, you agree to receive email from Marten Press. You will receive more instructions about our ARC team. You will also choose the genres and book formats you prefer. Please remember, you do not have to read and review every book we publish. You are welcome to say yes or no to each book offered.

More Information

What is an ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy. This is a FREE version of a book that you are able to read before the book has been published so that you can leave a review for it. We send out ARCs two weeks before our books are published. These ARCS are exclusively electronic. However, you can choose to read whichever format you prefer, including epub, mobi, or pdf.

We do offer a very limited number of print copies. These are ONLY available to online book reviewers with a strong online presence. If you have a online platform where you frequently review books and you would like to be considered for print copies, please write “yes” in the second line of the form above. You will receive more instructions in an email.

Why would you give away free books?

Giving away ARCs in order to get reviews for a book is a time honored tradition that has been practiced for decades. These early reviews are important for new releases. Reviews help other readers decide if a book is right for them or not. It gives them a feel for the book and tells them if the book contains elements they like to read.

We encourage all types of feedback whether it is negative or positive or whether the review is long or short. Feel free to include your personal opinion about the book, your reactions while reading, your favorite/least favorite characters, etc. It can also be helpful to include who would enjoy the book.

If you do have criticism, we appreciate when you write about it in a constructive way. However, all honest feedback is greatly appreciated.

How does it work?

Each time we have a book coming out, we email a portion of our ARC team. That email will include a book cover, a brief synopsis of the book, the date the book will be published, and the date we would like your review to be completed. If you are interested in the book and can read and review it within the time frame, follow the instructions in the email.

If you do not have time to read or leave a review, or if you are not interested in that particular book, don’t do anything. We’ll count you out for that book, but keep you on our list and email you the next time around. If you no longer wish to be on our ARC team, you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

Please note, you will not be emailed for every one of our new releases. In the first email, you will choose the genres you prefer. Even if you only choose one genre, you will not necessarily be given an ARC for every book in that genre.

Where should I leave a review?

Though it is  not a requirement, we greatly prefer readers who can leave a review on Amazon. We also appreciate reviewers who leave their review on goodreads or bookbub. If you don’t have an Amazon account or cannot leave book reviews on Amazon, please let us know. This will not exclude you from receiving an ARC, but we do like to keep track of it. If you are a book blogger, read below.

What if I’m a book blogger/bookstagrammer/booktuber, etc.?

We love book bloggers of all types! Whether you review books on a website, social media, youtube, etc. we would love to have you on our ARC team. Fill out the form above and say “yes” on the second line of the form. You’ll receive more instructions in an email where you can tell us a little more about your platform.

More questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Check out our contact page or email us at help@martenpress.com. You, the readers, are our number one priority as a book publisher. We are always happy to make you happy.